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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Novell NetWare)

  • High performance and stability
  • High-speed scanning combined with low consumption of system resources
  • Reliable protection from existing threats
  • Unsurpassed curing quality
  • High level of self-protection

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Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Novell NetWare) scans file storages run under NetWare for viruses.

The program is launched on the protected server as a loadable module (NLM module) and is controlled from the server console or from a remote console launched on a workstation.


  • Widest range of supported versions of Novell Netware — from 3.12 up to 6.5
  • Supports NetWare namespace
  • Does not require mandatory support for all the workstations and servers of any one network protocol
  • High-speed scanning of huge amounts of data with minimum consumption of system resources—both in real time and on demand; the scanning speed and productivity are only limited by the hardware capabilities of the protected server
  • Ability to manage CPU resource consumption by adjusting the priority of the scanning process
  • Simple installation
  • Centralised administration via the Web-administrator of the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center
  • Flexible user-friendly configuration — select objects for scanning and the actions to be performed with detected viruses or suspicious files
  • User control panel

Key features

  • On-demand and scheduled scanning of server volumes
  • On-the-fly scanning of all files transferred via the server
  • Multi-threaded scanning
  • Automatic server disconnection for workstations that become a threat source
  • On-demand scans
  • Scheduled scans
  • Scan files by format or according to a specified list of extensions; scan exceptions for individual directories or volumes; scan all objects
  • Heuristic virus scan
  • Scan packed, archived and mail files
  • Scan logging; adjustable logging verbosity
  • Notifications when infected objects are detected
  • Cure, remove or move infected objects to the quarantine
  • Anti-virus administration, protection monitoring, configuration optimisation, virus-event notification system configuration via the server console or a remote console
  • Instant email notifications for the administrator, other users and their groups
  • Customisable notifications
  • Scanning statistics: information is displayed about process operational time, the number of files scanned, and the viruses detected
  • Anti-virus actions log
  • Automatic virus database updating

Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.

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