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With the platform-independent web console, you can administer and monitor the operation of all the anti-virus services and promptly respond to any incidents — instantly and from any computer.

The Web-administrator, a component of the Dr.Web Control Center that does not require installation, lets system administrators control the operation of all anti-virus services from any computer and solve emerging problems in a timely manner.

The Web-administrator is a visual remote administration tool, available at any time and from anywhere, that is used to control the anti-virus protection of up to thousands of geographically dispersed workstations and mail servers via a single graphical interface. The Web-administrator can be used on any machine under virtually any operating system. The user-friendly interface allows easy control over the entire protected network.

Low-cost administration

The Web-administrator lets you control the dynamic anti-virus network environment easily. System administrator productivity increases, administrative routines are optimised, and daily tasks are performed in a matter of minutes: adjust the key parameters for object security and launch jobs.

Instant response to threats

With regular scan- and update-scheduling tools, the Web-administrator makes administering an anti-virus network simple. Various tools for collecting and analysing information let you control the status of protected objects in the network, respond to emerging threats within seconds of detection, pinpoint sources of infection, and promptly adjust corporate security policy to changing conditions.

Full control over network security

The Web-administrator lets you configure any anti-virus network component—for example, set a schedule for your anti-virus server or any group of agents—without leaving your desk.

Owing to the component’s ability to monitor the anti-virus network status and employ the agent blocking feature for specific periods of time, epidemics can never break out.

The Web-administrator can manage a company's anti-virus protection system and block network access during anti-virus scanning.

Instant notifications

The message interface lets administrators send messages to selected users or to groups of users. If the user’s PC is connected to the Internet, the message will be delivered to the user immediately. If the machine is offline when the message is sent, it will be delivered as soon as the machine connects to the Internet. The messaging tool can be used for:

  • alerting users to epidemics and advising them what to do if their system has been compromised;
  • sending technical messages;
  • sending holiday greetings.

Getting statistics with one click

The statistics-collecting feature lets you generate reports for a desired period with customised verbosity and import the information into an external file.