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Dr.Web ATM Shield Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

Centralised protection for embedded systems (ATMs, POS networks, multi-kiosks, etc.)

  • Allows your business to fully comply with the requirements of PCI-DSS v2 and v3.

Product components

Dr.Web ATM Shield incorporates all the necessary elements of protection and a single control center. System administrators don’t need to install a variety of products, and they can collect statistics with practically a single click.

Dr.Web ATM Shield incorporates tools for centrally managing all the anti-virus protection components of embedded systems, including deployment, virus database and software module updates, status-monitoring for all the protected network hosts, the delivery of virus-incident notifications and the configuration of automatic responses to such incidents, and the collection of statistics.

  • The administration web interface

    With the administration web interface, you can control the anti-virus protection from anywhere on the Internet or your local network and from any computer. You can schedule regular scans and virus database and program updates, adjust software settings, launch scans and perform other daily tasks in minutes. You can also implement custom security policies that may be required in a particular network or on certain groups of computers and assign individual administrators for these groups. If necessary, you can group together several Dr.Web ATM Shield servers and configure how they will interact with each other.

  • Notifier
  • A system for controlling the protection status and collecting statistics
  • Centralised quarantine
  • Anti-virus monitoring
  • Protection from unauthorised actions on the part of service personnel
  • Internal audit
  • Back up critical anti-virus server data
  • Anti-virus protection from malware programs of any kind