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Dr.Web Server Security Suite Dr.Web Server Security Suite

Protection for

  • file servers
  • application servers (including terminal and virtual servers)

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Dr.Web Server Security Suite products

The Control Center is provided free of charge.

Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Windows)

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Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for macOS Server)

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Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Unix)

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Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Novell NetWare)

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Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.

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Usually organisations just protect their employees’ computers, leaving their servers, mobile devices, and employee home computers unprotected. As a result, any virus that compromises the system breaks free, easily penetrating servers containing critically important information.

Why is server protection required?

Unknown viruses

A user can infect a server with a virus that was unknown at the moment of infection (using removable media or launching it from storage). The installed anti-virus will detect it right away using heuristic mechanisms. Or it will at least cure the virus during the next update.


A server can be hacked. The installed anti-virus will prevent this: it will detect and remove malicious programs. If the server is running under a centralised control system, the administrator will be notified immediately when a workstation status has changed (for example, when an attempt was made to shut down the protection system).

Removable media

Users may work not only in their offices but also at home; they may store data on their company’s file servers and on Internet file servers; they may use their flash drives as well as flash drives received from friends and colleagues. These media can carry viruses.

Mobile devices

Modern cell phones already have the same features and vulnerabilities that PCs have. They run operating systems and use applications that can also be compromised. Viruses can penetrate a corporate network from these devices and gain access to the server.


The Dr.Web Control Center lets you centrally manage an anti-virus protection system for any number of file servers running Windows, macOS, Unix (Samba), Novell NetWare, or Novell Storage Services.

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