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Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite

Ochrona urządzeń mobilnych z systemem Android/BlackBerry

Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite

Protection and control over mobile rhythm of your business in any place at all times.

Centrally managed protection for corporate tablets and smart phones and your employees’ personal devices—with with Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite.

The Control Centre is provided free of charge.

Maintain control over your anti-virus security system from any common browser on any computer running any operating system.

Mobile Control Center for iPhone and iPad (iOS)

Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite
  • White lists for the software that is permitted to be installed and used on a mobile device protected with Dr.Web.
  • Black and whitelists for filtering calls and SMS (Dr.Web Anti-spam, only for devices with SIM cards)
  • Centralised collection of information about the location of a lost or stolen device (Dr.Web Anti-theft, only for devices with SIM cards).
  • Centralised control over virus databases and protection component updates.
  • Remote configuration of Dr.Web protection components (excluding the Firewall and Security Auditor) on mobile devices

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite

provides effective protection for any device that accesses a corporate network

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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, which also includes Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite, provides you with the single Control Center to manage:

  • The company's network, including its mobile devices
  • Home computers and personal mobile devices of its employees

Wherever the company's confidential information has been stored, with Dr.Web it will never be left unprotected.

A single protected environment powered by Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite has many advantages:

  • Cheaper and streamlined protection
  • It's possible to control any protected computer from one location.
  • Employees can work all over the world with the same level of protection.
  • Guarantee of data safety (including personal data) at any given time.
  • Reduction of downtimes due to infection.


Dr.Web Enterprise Security

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