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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Dr.Web Mail Security Suite (for UNIX) Dr.Web Mail Security Suite (for UNIX)

A highly intelligent anti-virus and anti-spam protection system for large volumes of email traffic.

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A company’s employees may work both in the office and at home, including on their own devices. Even if a user disables their anti-virus or works without anti-virus protection, they must be protected from receiving fraudulent emails: an email can contain a link to a malicious website, a malicious attachment, or instructions that appear to come from the company CEO, directing the transfer of money to a scam account.

Checking email messages directly on the mail server makes it impossible for users to receive malicious emails and forward them to their colleagues, clients, and partners.

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite for anti-virus and anti-spam email filtering ensures that employees are able to work securely in the office, at home, and when away on business trips—without viruses, spam, and messages from cybercriminals that contain links leading to malicious and fraudulent sites.

Dr.Web represents:

Clean in-coming traffic from trusted partner and customer email addresses

Even if your domain gets hacked or your traffic gets intercepted by cybercriminals, they won't be able to send you viruses and spam.

Clean in-coming traffic for your partners and customers

An email sent from an infected computer will not have a chance to tarnish your reputation.

The most flexible licensing

Includes only the most essential protection components — there’s no need to pay for elements or even entire software solutions that will never be used.

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Protection against zero-day exploits

Origins Tracing™, the non-signature technology used to scan for unknown viruses, advanced heuristic analysis, Dr.Web Cloud and Dr.Web routines based on machine learning permit any, even unknown, malicious programs to be detected—at the moment of attack.

Simple deployment

Does not require lengthy configuration before it can be used.

Maximum filtration quality

Scans mail traffic as a transparent proxy or as a proxy that checks traffic to transfer it to a specified mail server.

Detection of all types of malware


with any configuration used by your customers’ mail servers

Centralised control

over information security

Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers protects a company's server and prevents intruders from injecting malicious software into it for the purpose of intercepting, analysing and substituting emails—a server will not become a source of infection.

Dr.Web Mail Security Suite for UNIX — a best-in-class anti-virus and anti-spam email-filtering solution

  • Dr.Web for Unix Mail Servers is tested for compatibility with all modern distributions.
  • Dr.Web protects email on almost all known mail servers and works on almost all Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris OSs.
  • If a company uses a mail server that is not on the compatible list, Dr.Web can also protect that mail.

Low system requirements

  • High-speed scanning and up-to-date, 24-hour protection thanks to compact virus databases.
  • Huge amounts of data can be processed in real time.
  • Can work with 500 MB of free RAM.
  • Multi-thread scanning: messages are scanned in real time while previously received files are being processed. Users receive messages almost instantly.
  • Dynamic load balancing optimises server performance without any need for additional manual testing.
  • Dr.Web can be used both in a small company and a multi-level corporation, ensuring work in clusters, the use of external databases and a local cloud, the flexible expansion of features, and integration with external products. This does not affect the license cost—we charge per number of protected users.

Flexibility and technology for customers

  • The Dr.Web anti-virus detects not only known malicious programs but also malware that hasn't yet been analysed by the anti-virus laboratory—this is Dr.Web’s traditional advantage.

  • Dr.Web Anti-spam is updated every hour, but in general, daily updates are enough—the system of rules according to which it operates, even with rare updates, prevents its effectiveness from being decreased.

  • This solution can be installed as a mail gateway to ensure the isolation of an internal server and maximum filtration quality.

  • Rules are used, not a list of options imbedded in code.

  • Dr.Web Anti-virus:

    • uses the latest technologies and Dr.Web Cloud rules to detect threats that are so new, they haven't yet been analysed;
    • lets users organise a distributed data scan when necessary;
    • uses blacklists and whitelists, data from DNSBL servers and DKIM technology to filter messages. The flexibility of the rules used in the solution ensures that arbitrary conditions are verified and that the verdicts required to process an email message are generated;
    • modifies a filtered message if the signs set in the application's rules are detected;
    • can be integrated with monitoring systems.
  • The system administrator can choose how to manage security: via the web interface, the centralised corporate anti-virus protection system, or even by directly editing configuration files.

  • The settings for the filtering services and the quarantine can be stored in a wide range of storage types—from ordinary files to databases like Oracle. LDAP-supported services are integrated with the directory service used to store settings, making it easier to administer the solution.

Dr.Web meets the requirements of all customers.

Protection of confidential information

The product’s quarantine and message back-up feature let users recover accidentally deleted messages and also conduct investigations into information leaks and analyse how a virus epidemic is spreading. This is possible because the quarantine can be managed via both the web interface and a special utility and because the option exists to archive all emails.

Guaranteed email delivery*

Even if a user is unavailable for a long period of time and cannot receive messages, their messages will be stored in a special directory where they can be accessed at any time. This makes it easier to configure a mail server and lets users avoid having to purchase special products for these purposes.

* In Dr.Web MSS for UNIX 6.0

Efficient filtering of unsolicited emails

To analyse email messages, Dr.Web Mail Security Suite for UNIX uses rules that allow it to recognise features characteristic of spam mailings. One rule can cut off all the mailings being sent by a single spammer.

  • Requires no training.
  • Starts protecting as soon as it is installed.
  • Cuts off up to 98% of email messages containing malicious attachments by recognising the signs of spam and phishing.
  • Actions can be customised for different categories of spam.
  • Record-low number of false positives.
  • Requires updating only once per day.
  • Filters messages on the basis of rules, including those created by the administrator.
  • Protects against emails sent by malicious programs by recognising the signs of spam and phishing.

Anti-spam technologies

System requirements can be found in the documentation.

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