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Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Windows) Dr.Web Server Security Suite (for Windows)

  • High performance and stability
  • High-speed scanning combined with low consumption of system resources
  • Reliable protection from existing threats
  • Unsurpassed curing quality
  • High level of self-protection

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*For Dr.Web 7.0 only.

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Dr.Web for Windows servers certified by FSTEC Russia

This product can be used in networks with high security requirements. It complies with Russian legislative requirements and is certified by the FSB and by the Federal Service for Technological and Export Control (FSTEC).

Protection components


Anti-virus — blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.

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Preventive protection

Preventive protection — will shield against the latest active threats, targeted attacks and attempts by Trojans and exploits to penetrate a system via zero-day and other vulnerabilities.

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Anti-virus network

With the Anti-virus network component, you can remotely control Dr.Web anti-viruses installed on computers connected to one local network.

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Dr.Web Cloud

Dr.Web Cloud

Examines URLs in real time regardless of how current a computer’s virus definitions are.

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Data Loss Prevention (backup)*

Data Loss Prevention (backup)*

Simply enable this feature so that even if a Trojan encodes your files, you will be able to restore them on your own without having to request support from Doctor Web. Unlike conventional back-up programs, Dr.Web creates backups and protects them from intruders.

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Removable device access control

Removable device access control

Blocks access to removable media: flash-drives and any other USB device, including webcams, cameras and portable media players — protects against Trojans.

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*This functionality is unavailable in the Dr.Web agent when the Dr.Web Control Center is used.

Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.

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  • Neutralisation of threats even during Dr.Web installation
  • Manage the anti-virus protection of the file servers and PCs within your local network from any Dr.Web-protected computer —the Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center is not required
  • Use Active Directory policies and Login Script to install the anti-virus remotely
  • Multi-threaded scanning ensures a minimal response time
  • Smart optimisation takes into account available system resources. Stable operation under maximum load without significantly affecting file server performance
  • The delayed scan technology applied to files opened for reading provides flexible load balancing for a server file system
  • The notification system does not distract users with multiple pop-ups*
  • Background scanning and neutralisation of unknown active threats that avoid detection and resist deletion
  • Protection against unknown threats by prohibiting the modification of critical Windows objects and controlling unsafe actions*
  • Dr.Web Cloud – an immediate response to the latest threats*
  • Protects the OS kernel and its modules from failures, malware or accidental modification
  • Restores the product’s integrity if its files have been damaged deliberately or accidentally
  • Launch of scanning whenever a scannable object is accessed by a user, the system or any application
  • Automatic launch on system startup
  • Anti-virus scanning and updating utilities can be launched automatically, manually or according to a pre-arranged schedule (using Task Scheduler)
  • Scan RAM, logical drives, CDs, network drives, folders, files, email files, boot records and email files
  • Detection of viruses in archives at any nesting level and in packed objects
  • Ability to block access to an infected object
  • Notifications for users whose machines need to be disconnected from the file server if a virus threat is detected

* Only available for Windows Server 2008 or later.

New in version 11