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My Dr.Web Portal for business users

Personal area for Dr.Web business customers

My Dr.Web Portal can also be accessed from a mobile device—its new adaptive design lets users work comfortably with the Portal’s content from a smartphone or tablet.

Because website accounts are linked with the Portal, users no longer need to enter their login and password information to go to from the Portal and vice versa.

Sign in to My Dr.Web Portal for business users FAQ


In the Licenses tab, users can find information about all of their Dr.Web licenses. Here they can also download their Dr.Web license certificate and key files.

If you have unactivated licenses, when you first sign in to the Portal, you will instantly be directed to the Licenses page showing the unactivated licenses and an invitation to activate them.

In the Licensing menu, you can sort your licenses by status: you can choose to view information only about the licenses you haven’t renewed and renew them, filter the data to see only your active licenses, and download key files or applications. Information about blocked licenses is available on a separate page.

If you need full information about a specific license—its validity period, the products in it, the availability of technical support, etc.— just click on the serial number link (available if the number has been activated). The License Manager will open. All the license information will be displayed automatically.


The Download Wizard is now accessible on the Portal. Just select the product you need from the list, and the information about all the licenses you have for that product will appear. Then you will only need to press Download—you will be redirected to the Download Wizard as soon as you choose a product.

This is where you can download the key files of your activated serial numbers, create an electronic version of your license certificate, and request a trial.


Access the section via the Contact us widget in the website header. Here you can contact Doctor Web’s technical support service and view your support query history. You can also view all of your company’s support queries and their various statuses (new, open, closed, and pending) and quickly navigate to the request category you need.

Your request history will be stored for the duration of your account’s lifetime.

You can also watch a video about the Portal’s services (the information relevant to business users appears at 36 seconds).


The Self-support section contains links to the most useful information and services.


The Buy section will remind you about the Dr.Web licenses that you have not renewed; Here you can also place an order for a renewal. The order will be sent to your license supplier via the Doctor Web technical support tracker (i.e., we will be able to monitor how well the partner responds to your requests). The same applies to new purchases, additional purchases, and license expansion.


In the Accounts section, users with administrator permissions can create subsidiary User accounts for other staff members and manage My Dr.Web Portal access permissions.


Here you can find information about your supplier, including information about its banking details and its employees’ contact information. The section also contains certificate information for the supplier and shows whether Dr.Web-certified professionals are on its staff.

On this page, you can also recommend your supplier to other users.


The Information section contains links to the latest news, Anti-virus Times issues, educational projects, educational brochures, and information about remote training opportunities and system administrator training courses.


The widgets at the top of each page let you contact Doctor Web’s support service quickly or search the website.

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You can also sign in to My Dr.Web Portal via the Profile widget.

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Even more widgets will become available soon.