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Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite Dr.Web Security Space (for Android) Dr.Web Mobile Security Suite

  • Included in Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite, this centrally managed protection for Android mobile devices deflects all types of Android-targeting malware
  • Protection for smartphones, tablets and smart TVs
  • The first Russian anti-virus for Android — since 2010

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Dr.Web Security Space (for Android) protection components

Blocks viruses and malware from accessing the protected system and will cure the malignant programs that have already penetrated it.
Parental Control
Will protect applications from unauthorised access and anti-virus settings from tampering by outsiders or children.
Helps you find your mobile device if it has been lost or stolen, and lets you wipe confidential information from the device remotely, if necessary.
Helps you avoid unwanted calls and SMS messages.
Cloud-based URL filter
Regulates access to undesirable Internet sites even if the virus definitions of your Dr.Web for Android database are out of date.
Controls application network activity.
Security Auditor
Troubleshoots the device to identify security problems and offers solutions to address them.

Product system requirements can be found in the documentation.

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Key features

  • Whitelists of the software permitted to be installed and used on a Dr.Web-protected mobile device.
  • Centrally collected location information on lost or stolen devices (Dr.Web Anti-theft, only for devices with SIM cards).
  • Blacklists and whitelists for filtering calls and SMS (Dr.Web Anti-spam, only for devices with SIM cards).
  • Centrally controlled virus databases and protection component updates.
  • Remote configuration of Dr.Web protection components on mobile devices (excluding the Firewall and Security Auditor).

Dr.Web Security Space (for Android) features

  • Multi-threaded scanning, with tasks distributed between CPU cores
  • Scans files received via a GPRS/Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB connection or while synchronising with a computer
  • Two scan modes: full and custom
  • Option to enable/disable resident protection for memory cards
  • Automated self-recovery
  • On-demand scanning of a device’s entire file system or separate files and folders
  • Scans APK, ZIP, SIS, CAB, RAR, and JAR archives
  • Blocks applications that are not on the administrator allowed list
  • Customisable rules for each application
  • Instant control over inbound and outbound traffic for each application
  • Ability to restrict mobile data traffic
  • Ability to set roaming restrictions for specific applications
  • Ability to block access to non-recommended sites
  • Protection from unauthorised access via wireless networks
  • Neutralisation of encryption ransomware
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Blacklists and whitelists for filtering incoming calls and SMS
  • Support for multiple trusted SIM cards
  • Infected file deletion
  • Quarantine for suspicious objects
  • Option to restore files from the quarantine
  • Internet-based updates:
    • via HTTP using the GPRS module;
    • via Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB;
    • while synchronising with an Internet-connected PC via ActiveSync
  • Detailed system scanning reports
  • Lock screen displaying information about detected threats and links to the threat list
  • Notifications about any activity detected that is typical of malware
  • The Anti-theft component to manage a lost or stolen device remotely
  • Mobile device GPS coordinates deliverable via SMS

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