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Dr.Web for Windows Servers

Anti-virus protection for Windows servers

Dr.Web для Windows Server обеспечивает надежную защиту от существующих угроз. Непревзойденное качество лечения и высокий уровень самозащиты не дают шанса вирусам и другим вредоносным объектам проникнуть в защищаемую сеть.

System requirements

  • Windows Server 2000* / 2003 (х32 и х64*) / 2008 / 2012 (х64)

* Version 7.0 only


  • Dr.Web neutralises threats even during the installation process
  • Within a local network, file server and workstation protection can be controlled from any Dr.Web-protected computer connected to the LAN; there’s no need to install Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite Control Center
  • Remote centralised installation using Active Directory and Login Script
  • Multi-thread protection ensures a minimum response time
  • Careful consumption of system resources, with hardware capacity considered. Stable file sever operation in maximum load conditions
  • Applying delayed scan technology to files opened in “read’ mode provides flexible load balancing for server file systems
  • Notification system does not distract users with multiple pop-ups*
  • The software has a system for performing background scans and neutralising unknown threats that resist detection and deletion
  • Protection against unknown threats by prohibiting the modification of critical Windows objects and controlling unsafe actions*
  • Dr.Web Cloud subsystem ensures an immediate response to the latest threats*
  • Operation of the system kernel and its modules are protected from failures, the impact of malware, and accidental modification
  • Product integrity is restored in the event of accidental or deliberate damage
  • Scanning is launched whenever a user, the operating system, or any application encounters any object that warrants inspection
  • Automatic launch on system startup
  • Anti-virus and update scan utilities can be launched manually, automatically, according to a set schedule, and using standard OS tools
  • Scanning of RAM, disk drives, logical drives, CDs, network drives, directories, files, mail files, disk boot sectors, and email formats
  • Detection of viruses in archives at any nesting level and in packed objects
  • Ability to block access to an infected object
  • Ability to notify users that their computers have been disconnected from the file server if a virus threat is discovered

*Only for Windows Server 2008 and higher.

New in version 11

Dr.Web Enterprise Security Suite — manage end-point security from a single Control Center

The Dr.Web Control Center is provided free of charge.

Maintain control over your anti-virus security system from any common browser on any computer running any operating system.

Mobile Control Center for iPhone and iPad (iOS)/Android

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Dr.Web Enterprise Security

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