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Supported OS Android
Protection components*
  • Anti-virus
  • Anti-spam**
  • Anti-theft**
  • Cloud-based URL filter
  • Firewall
  • The Security Auditor
Multi-threaded scanning with tasks distributed between CPU cores
Scan files received via a GPRS/Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB connection or while synchronizing with a computer
On-demand scanning
Enable/disable resident protection for memory cards
Automated self-recovery
Scan on demand a device’s entire file system or separate files and folders
Scan APK, SIS, CAB, ZIP, RAR and JAR archives
Black- and whitelists to filter incoming calls and SMS
Support for multiple trusted SIM cards
Delete infected files
Quarantine suspicious objects
Restore files from the quarantine
Update over the Internet:
  • via HTTP using the GPRS module;
  • via Infrared/Bluetooth/Wi-Fi/USB;
  • While synchronising over ActiveSync with a computer connected to the Internet
Detailed system scanning reports
Administer your device remotely with the Anti-theft if the device has been lost or stolen

* Only the Anti-virus, Firewall, and Security Auditor are available for devices running Android TV.

** This component is unavailable on devices without a SIM-card slot.

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