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Use Dr.Web Mobile Security free of charge

If you have a commercial license for Dr.Web Security Space (protection for PCs) (an electronic license or a boxed product) or a Dr.Web Premium subscription.

The number of free licenses provided to you for your mobile devices from the Dr.Web Mobile Security group is equal to the number of PCs covered by the license you purchased for PC protection.

Use the serial number/key file you received when you purchased your Dr.Web Security Space (protection for PCs) license to download and install the product for mobile devices.

Don't have a Dr.Web license? This can easily be fixed!

Dr.Web Security Space

Dr.Web Security Space (protection for PCs)

Electronic license

Buy 68.29ZŁ

Subscription Dr.Web Premium

Dr.Web Premium


Subscribe 1,65 Euro/month

2007 - The first Dr.Web anti-virus for mobile devices is released

Since then this product has always been available free of charge for users who purchase Dr.Web home products. And Doctor Web has no plans to change that policy.

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